Daniel Craig Will Surely Be Kicking My Ass…

Again with the Daniel Craig in this DC Film review write-up on Peter Dukes’ horror short THE BEAST. I’ve had “sand-blasted Daniel Craig,” “dude it’s a creepy Daniel Craig" and my favorite of all, from a review of Jason Zada’s "Take This Lollipop" last fall, “a malnourished Daniel Craig.” Adding this one to the collection: Oberst is fascinating to look at; like  Daniel Craig without 007’s bells and whistles” 


Webby Award Nominations For Jason Zada’s viral Facebook application “Take This Lollipop”

Jason Zada’s Facebook ap Take This Lollipop has been nominated for the net’s highest honor, The Webby Awards, in multiple categories! See the nominations here. Thanks to CNN’s Doug Gross for a tipoff on Twitter this morning (Gross wrote about Take This Lollipop for CNN online last fall)

Rage. Brutality. Violence…I’m ok with that! 
Chat with Dawna Lee Heising for MoreHorror.com at ShockFest in Hollywood.
Shout-outs to two upcoming flicks I’m real excited about:
SCARY OR DIE http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1833879/ and
CHILDREN OF SORROW http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1942828/
Strange. Dark. Art.
The Shadow Box…new from my friends at Mental Shed. 
Look into the box. Truth is good for the soul….

Strange. Dark. Art.

The Shadow Box…new from my friends at Mental Shed

Look into the box. Truth is good for the soul….

Staring at computer all day…don’t feel so good…

Staring at computer all day…don’t feel so good…

#takethislollipopErste E-Mails von deutschen Horror-Webseiten jetzt. Gott sei Dank für http://translate.google.com!

London Calling…
CNN Takes The Lollipop

CNN just picked up on #takethislollipop. Mom saw picture. Called to ask if I was eating enough…


YouTube Age-Restricts my Horror Demo Reel…

YouTube just age-restricted my Horror Demo Reel. Someone flagged it as “inappropriate - containing content that may not be suitable for all viewers.”

Maybe all the attention from Take This Lollipop caused somebody’s mom to look over their shoulder while they were Googling me. 

All the clips are from mainstream movies: nothing but a little cannibalism, a meat cleaver or two, a face-licking, a bludgeoning…I don’t understand what is offensive. And I am not being sarcastic - I am truly baffled. It’s not real - they’re just horror movie clips! Who would be offended by a movie?


Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

My own Severed Ear! What will they think of next? SimpatB will have these on sale just in time for Christmas. Details:

 http://www.facebook.com/ActorBillOberstJr  or 


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